Alan, a teacher from Iranian Kurdistan, having been exposed to have taught Kurdish kids their mother tongue - a major crime punished by death in Iran - immigrates to Sweden with his family. 

Alan has fought for his ethnic identity, his wife Astéra wanted to keep her family safe. Now they got security in a country away from the loved ones, their identity down to a small circle.

Having formed different principles and priorities makes two persons who have previously loved each other, disunite, dealing with the anxiety and insecurity of their new life in exile. Still, they need to pretend to be a united family as not to risk rejection of their application for residence permit.

Writer Director        HIWA ABBASI




Alan               GINO ESTÉRA


Astera            BAHAR WAYSI


Dylan             AYDIN RAHMATI


Thomas          JOHAN GRY


Sara               JOHANNA SMITZ


Hedy              HEDAYAT ARZANI


Ayla               KATY RAHMANI


Leyla              LEYLA M. REZA


Employer        AKO REZAEI


Hemin            HIWA ABBASI


Sound recordist                 

             SHAHRAM PANAHI


              DARIUSH RAHMATI 

Sound editor                     

             THERESE LARSSON

Producer & Editor

              HIWA ABBASI

Technical info:

Duration 86 min

Languages Kurdish Swedish English

Format 16:9, 4K 10B


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